The holidays are a time to reflect, and at the Estate Planning Law Group of Georgia, we are lucky to have numerous joyous successes to look back on. Many families and small businesses have suffered tremendous hardship this past year and so we feel doubly fortunate for the strength of the community that has allowed us to not only survive but thrive.

Our merger with the Debra Robinson Law Group has been a privilege and an immense source of excitement. Debbie has served the Johns Creek community for 39 years and in that time has made a lasting impact on countless families and individuals. Not only does this collaboration promise a wealth of opportunity for growth and learning, but it also supports our continued mission to ensure all members of our community benefit from the protection that an estate plan provides.

In merging with Debbie and her team, we have also gained a spectacular new office where we look forward to greeting familiar faces and meeting new ones and hopefully running in-person workshops in the near future. As our firm grows so too does our dedication to a kind, welcoming, client-centered practice, and we hope this shows when you walk through our door.

Our extraordinary clients, both old and new, are another cause for celebration and gratitude this year. One of the best things about being an estate planning attorney is witnessing people’s efforts to protect their loved ones. Daily, I am reminded that human generosity knows no bounds, and love between a family is limitless.

A special privilege of the past twelve months, where so much has been moved online, has been the opportunity to see the homes and meet the family members that our work aims to protect. Connecting over Zoom has meant impromptu hellos with children, pets, and loved ones. This personal contact has lent depth to what we do in which makes it all the more gratifying.

As we look ahead to 2022, we are already growing excited to return to meeting clients, revising existing plans, initiating new ones, and finishing those that are in process.

Meanwhile, we wish every single one of you a safe holiday season filled with joy, celebration, and meaningful time with loved ones!


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