October is National Estate Planning Awareness Month.  Proper Estate Planning may provide security and peace of mind but sometimes feels difficult to approach.  This month, I want to share resources geared toward overcoming obstacles that you or your family may be facing in achieving successful estate planning.

Navigating tough conversations can be a part of Estate Planning and Eldercare Law.  Knowing the right person to help smooth communication can be key to successful planning.  As with so many things, expert help can make all of the difference.  For that reason I’ve invited my friend and colleague, Rebecca Zimmerman, to share the role that Mediation can play in resolving family conflict.  Rebecca is an Attorney and Mediator whose specialties include Elder Care and Estate disputes.  Through her company, Keystone Conflict Solutions, she is able to help families navigate difficult conversations.

Families fight; it’s a fact of life. As parents age, families face many new decisions.  Should Mom/Dad move to an assisted living facility? Should the family home be sold? Who should be in charge of finances, health care activities, day-to-day chores, companionship for parent? Do all siblings or other family members live close by? These are all dynamics that can create a logjam in decision making.

Conflicts over estate distributions invariably involve highly charged emotional situations. These conflicts can arise whether or not a Last Will and Testament exists. Unresolved disputes can take years to complete and involve costly attorney’s fees. Compromise and negotiation involve a willingness on the part of all parties to move off singular solution mindsets and finger-pointing. The emotions involved in protecting one’s perceived rights and interests can create a logjam in decision making.

Mediation creates a pathway to conversation and empowers family members to develop solutions that work best for them. Each person has a chance to express his or her concerns, questions and needs in an environment where both individual and collective ideas are presented, considered and valued. While there can be no guarantee of results, Mediation creates a spirit of compromise and negotiation that often leads to positive solutions for all involved.

Mediation is simple and cost effective and can be conducted in person or virtually.  A particular Mediation can last an hour or two or may need multiple sessions, depending on the complexity of the issues and the number of participants. Mediations may be charged by an hourly rate or fixed price.  The cost is generally split among the parties.

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