When life throws you a curveball, do you know who’ll be there to catch it? Jim Miskell joins Good Neighbor Podcast North America to shed light on why estate planning is the safety net your family deserves. Transitioning from the tense courtroom dramas of criminal prosecution to the thoughtful strategy sessions of estate planning, Jim shares how his career evolution reflects a passion for safeguarding families from future legal woes. This episode peels back the layers of complexity surrounding estate planning, revealing how a carefully crafted plan is not just about assets, but about providing clarity and comfort during life’s most trying moments.

Digging deeper, we confront the myths that cloud our judgment in preparing for the unforeseen. The episode tackles head-on the common misconception that spouses are automatic heirs, and explains how without a will, Georgia’s state law could script a family drama no one anticipated. Whether you’re a soccer parent juggling a busy schedule or someone seeking to understand the intricacies of asset legacy, our conversation with Jim is an indispensable guide through the legal maze of protecting those you love.


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What You Will Learn In This Episode… 

    • Why estate planning is important
    • Common misconceptions about estate planning (e.g. spouses are automatic heirs)
    • What happens without a will
    • How estate planning can protect your loved ones

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